Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cornerstone Restoration Ranch expanding its reach

Hi Friends,
It's that time a year again and this is our busy season and we are looking to expand God's territory and we need your help. We will be having a fund raiser dinner in November with a silent auction. Lots of great gifts!
Unfortunately it is taking much longer than we anticipated with all the red tape with acquiring our own 501c, but we have been so blessed with the City of Refuge covering us so that all donations will be tax-deducible for our donors.
I truly appreciate all your efforts, and I KNOW that God will bless you for it. My Pastor always says that if you help others with their dream, then God will bless you with yours.
As you all know, we are still solely supported by donations and get NO outside help as of yet, so anything helps to house and feed the lost and broken souls here at the Ranch.
Let's go do what we can to save another one for Jesus!

Cheri L. Coit
Executive Director
(619)659-1353 cell#(619) 672-5285
A place to come for Revival, Hope, Healing & Restoration



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