Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sanctity of Life Month January 2011

The month of January 2011 will mark an anniversary for Roe vs. Wade. In observance to the unborn, it is Sanctity of Human Life month. Many Pregnancy Care Clinics throughout San Diego and South Riverside will host an open house. On Saturday, Jan. 29th, from 7-9 pm., alternatives womens center will be having a special evening with speaker Gianna Jessen at the California Center for the Arts. It will be a free event, but they are asking people to pick up a bracelet as a ticket because the facility seats only 400. The bracelets will be available beginning Jan. 10. To get into the event, you must have a “bracelet” as a ticket to get in. Bracelets can be picked up at alternatives womens center, 257 E. 2nd Ave., in Escondido.

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