Friday, April 27, 2012

Spirit West Coast wants your used CDs & DVDs!

Spirit West Coast is returning to San Diego for their eighth year. That's a lot of worship seeds that they have sown wouldn't you say. Jon Robberson is a good friend and we like to support him whenever he is in town. Jon has a special request for used CD's and DVD's to use for a fundraiser for Spirit West Coast. Here is his request: "We are starting a small funding raising aspect; selling USED CD’s and DVD’s at the Del Mar festival. This will be just one (small) element of the overall fundraising campaign. I’m hoping we can raise $1,000 or so…maybe more… maybe much more. We have a natural built in group of possible buyers at the DM festival. We need used CD’s and DVD’s! If you and/or anyone/everyone you know have any used Christian and secular CD’s or DVD’s, get them to Good News, etc. We need loads and loads of CD’s/DVD’s and it makes sense to collect them when we see people in person as opposed to shipping them. Spread the word…WE NEED USED CD’S/ DVD’s !!!! Remember…Christian or secular music." Good News, etc. phone number is 760-724-3075. If you have any, we will pick them up for Jon. Thank you!


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