Thursday, October 27, 2011

Celebrate Life Outreach - Come to the Car Wash!

Come on out to get your car washed to help support the continuation of Celebrate Life OUTREACH to the community. WE WILL BE ACCEPTING DONATIONS to help pay for various food items, gas for transportation of many of our attendees, propane for heat in the tent and misc expenses to keep this going weekly!
Celebrate Life is a Christian 12 Step program and outreach that is a family and support as we do life together! JESUS, LOVE, RECOVERY AND FAMILY. We have Food-Music-Talk and Meetings every Saturday from 6pm - 8pm.
When: Saturday, October 29th @ 10:am - 2:pm
Where: Hope Church Parking Lot
1755 Thibido Rd.

Hope to see you there! Pass this on to friends!
Love in Christ,
Larry and Susan Benedict and the Team
760-473-1889 Larry 760-473-2061 Susan

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Live Concert! October 23 at 6 pm

San Diego's Newest - highly acclaimed Christian singer & songwriter Dawnelle
Performing at - THE VINE, MOJALET'S THEATER, 13330 Paseo Del Verano, San Diego, Ca 92128
(858) 243-1402
Dawnelle will be performing her highly rated album "I Will Bow Down".
Her voice will touch your spirit.
Tickets--$7 at the door - Kids Free

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Auditions for Jonathan Park Series in Chula Vista

Many of you may be familiar with our audio adventure series Jonathan Park ( This exciting Christian audio drama series desires to share the exciting scientific evidence that is in harmony with the message of Biblical Creation. This series is heard around the world on over 700 radio outlets.
We record the Jonathan Park series in the Chula Vista area, and we’re writing to you since your organization is nearby. We will be holding auditions for the series on the evening of Friday, October 28th, and the morning and afternoon of Saturday, October 29th. We are looking specifically for:
- 12 year-old boys.
- Adult males.
- Adult males with natural Israeli accents.
- Adult females with natural Israeli accents.

This is an opportunity for people with a talent for acting to use their talents to reach many with the Good News of the Creator. If you know someone who would enjoy auditioning for a role in the Jonathan Park series, please pass this on.
Experience, is NOT a prerequisite. We are looking for seasoned actors, or those who just have a natural ability!
To find out more about the auditions, just call or email. Audition slots will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.
Please contact: Pat Roy
Jonathan Park Audio Adventures
(877) 898-1112

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BirthChoice Temecula beckons all to join them

Birth Choice of Temecula will host its annual Respect Life Banquet on October 14 at 6:30 pm. This year the banquet will be held at Rancho Community Church. Guest speaker is Jason Jones, activist and movie producer of "Bella." Silent auction will be held at 5:30 pm.
If you are interested in attending, call 951-551-5428. Reservation are required.


Cornerstone Restoration Ranch expanding its reach

Hi Friends,
It's that time a year again and this is our busy season and we are looking to expand God's territory and we need your help. We will be having a fund raiser dinner in November with a silent auction. Lots of great gifts!
Unfortunately it is taking much longer than we anticipated with all the red tape with acquiring our own 501c, but we have been so blessed with the City of Refuge covering us so that all donations will be tax-deducible for our donors.
I truly appreciate all your efforts, and I KNOW that God will bless you for it. My Pastor always says that if you help others with their dream, then God will bless you with yours.
As you all know, we are still solely supported by donations and get NO outside help as of yet, so anything helps to house and feed the lost and broken souls here at the Ranch.
Let's go do what we can to save another one for Jesus!

Cheri L. Coit
Executive Director
(619)659-1353 cell#(619) 672-5285
A place to come for Revival, Hope, Healing & Restoration


Real Time by Colleen Monroe, written for Israel Insights enewsletter Sept. 2011

It was this past March I was given a wonderful opportunity to visit Israel with a group of twelve other journalists. Wow, how that trip made an indelible mark in my memory banks.
I am reminded of the landscape of Israel every time I open up my Bible. When I am reading the scriptures and I read about Israel and I read about Jerusalem, I can picture it. When I read about the Sea of Galilee and Jesus walking on the water or calming the storm, I can say, “I was there!”
I have been to the Temple Mount and to the Western Wall, even to lay my hands on the Wall and pray for my loved ones. I have walked down the Via Dolorosa and as I quieted my soul I can get a sense of how great my Father’s love is for me.
I can honestly say I have walked where Jesus walked and I have seen where He taught the multitudes. And for an Evangelical Christian, I don’t think it gets better than that — unless it’s heaven itself.
For some, you can only imagine. But, I encourage many to go to Israel, because you’ll never be the same.
My trip was eight days. But, you can stay for 3 weeks easy. Each day was packed with touring, walking, eating, picture-taking and reading scripture.
When I think what was my favorite place, if I had to pick one. I would choose sitting in the synagogue in Capernaum and reading from the book of Luke, …”that the Spirit of the Lord is upon me…” This town is where Jesus began his ministry. In this town Jesus taught and healed. It was in this town, the light shined. But, then with a flip of a coin, I can say it was when I was baptized in the Jordan River.
Then, there was our visit to Masada. We took the cable cars up, passing the huge walls of the cliffs. Our tour group leader Marion Bleiberg, who shared Israel’s history shadowed by her own Jewish heritage, is what every visitor needs as a tour guide. When we reached the top of this monumental fortress, Marion unfolded the story of what happened to the Jewish people at Masada and their ultimate sacrifice unto death. You can only imagine, but I encourage you to go and see Masada for yourself.
When we visited Caesarea, you could see the area of the Greek Hippodrome where the chariot races were held. You could hear the horse hoofs on the dirt as they came around pulling the Chariots. It was my time to imagine.
As the trip was coming to its last days, the best was yet to come. We all boarded onto the bus and drove to an area that gave the panoramic view of Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives. You have to read Psalm 87:1-3, “On the holy mountain stands the city founded by the Lord. He loves the city of Jerusalem more than any other city in Israel. O city of God, what glorious things are said of you!”
I have seen pictures of Jerusalem, but nothing compares to seeing Jerusalem in real-time.
My trip has been the trip of a lifetime. I cherished each day.
I fell in love with Israel. It has given me a kindred spirit to pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem. I found Israel has something for everybody — history, food, culture, architecture, and adventure!
Don’t only imagine, go there and see Israel for yourself in real-time!

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St. Stephen's Bishop George McKinney will Share Pulpit

Bishop McKinney’s Fourth Son Returns to Preach

Elder Gordon A. McKinney, the fourth of five sons of Bishop George and the late
Dr. Jean McKinney, will return to San Diego and deliver the homilies/preach at
 St. Stephen’s Cathedral C.O.G.I.C.
 5825 Imperial Avenue – San Diego, CA 92114
 Sunday, October 9th at both the
 8:00AM and 11:15AM services.

Gordon is a graduate of the St. Stephen’s Christian School, Morehouse College
(Atlanta, GA) and recently the Divinity School at Shaw University, Raleigh, NC.
You are invited to come and hear a word from God and witness the move of
God through His vessel, Elder Gordon Alex McKinney.

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