Friday, September 17, 2010

San Diego Events this weekend - Sept. 18, 2010

Mac Frampton concert at Grace Point Church in San Diego. Mac is a world reknown pianist and will play at a Haiti Benefit concert. This concert will provide funds to build an orphanage for the devastated children of Haiti.
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The Heritage Singers will be at the Balboa Park Spreckels Organ Pavilion on Saturday, Sept. 18th at 6 pm. It is all free.

A silent auction to benefit East County Transitional Living Center. Help raise money for this organization to help those in recovery. Saturday, September 18 at 5:30 pm. Go to for more information.

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A very good friend of mine has asked I vote for their organization to receive grant money from Pepsi. Here's how we do it:

Vote everyday by texting 102430 to Pepsi (73774)

This organization is in San Diego, California and helps kids!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

CityFest with Luis Palau and 450 Churches in San Diego

This Saturday, September 11th, marks the 9th Anniversary of the 9-11 bombing in New York where thousands were killed and even thousands more scarred from the memory of what took place. We are all on the hunt to find peace and solitude in this place we live, no matter what geographical location you find yourself. Peace of mind is still a priority.
One place i know we will be this Saturday, September 11th as we join with hundreds or we hope to be thousands is at the CityFest event at Mission Bay Park with Luis Palau and 450 of San Diego County's finest churches. There will be quite a lot of things happening for the family and music for the young adults although the old folks can dig on some of the music. It all lifts our hearts upward and fills us with the peace and security of knowing we have a Savior, who loves us and wants what is always best.
We invite you to join us at Mission Bay, at least that day you can find peace and be in peace as the Gospel message is preached and your heart is open.

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